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Sustainability – the ability to sustain…but what is it that we wish to sustain?  Certainly not the current status quo or the world views that hold the Earth hostage to our infantile instant gratification demands for ‘more-more-more’…many podiums have been host to the endless litany of our collective issues and problems so where are the solutions?

My first introduction when I decided I wanted to be a part of a solution was like most everyone else out there – the Triple ‘R’ Reduce/ReUse/Recycle…and of course don’t litter and clean up after oneself – pack it in pack it out.  This kindergarten level ‘sustainability’ practices, however noble and well intended, did very little to ease the building anxiety I was feeling about the enormity of our present crises and I found that it was hard to access the next grade level because there simply had not been a path yet laid down nor a ‘school’ that I could enroll in.

Being self taught though has its advantages so I embarked upon cutting into the forest of our issues with the sharp scythe of my intention to find the solutions…what a journey and education it has been!

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