MyGirlRysh means ‘community’ and this page is for my Rysh and loved ones whom I break bread with and share space with.  Rysh was also the name of a canine companion that accompanied me through almost a decade of traveling and projects that are posted on this website.  She was the nanny to my children, best friend to me, and a being of great heart that protected us through thick and thin.

Also residing in my Rysh is my beloved horse Lady D (Lady’s Crystal Divinity) and her companion herd retired Thoroughbred Fawn, Justin the Morgan, Little Lady the Buckskin Quarter Horse, Leah the Shetland, and Sheba the mini-horse.  Recently adopted from our loved neighbors who had to return to Australia two mini-donkeys Nick and Cuss.  Adding to the barnyard fun is our four mini-goats – Pan with horns and his harem Pan-dora, and Mandy. like him. 6 females and 1 male plus Mama and Papa is 9 in our pack.

We of course also have a human tribe – some permanent residents and others who flow in and out of the Rysh but are deeply connected even when they are satelliting around gaining experiences and wisdom from healthy ‘Walk-A-Bouts

Rysh lineage goes on through what I now call the Rysh Pack. Shyann and her 7 Rysh pups: Ursa, Windra, Chato, Osa, Shakti, Azja, and Kyra.

L-R Ursa – Shyanne Mama of pack – Chato the only boy and not sure where he got the brown from – and Osa with Golden eyes and floppy ears! Shyanne is Husky/Timber Wolf and we bred her with Black Shepherd Border Collie….

L-R Shyanne Mama, Kyra – Azja – Windra

Top is Shiva nicknamed Todo who is the father of the pack and below is Shakti who looks the most


Our beloved Sophia the cat who raised the pack of pups transitioned to the heaven of all magical cats and her supervision of us goes on from the unseen world..