HangInThereAwardPalingenesis Enterprises is the name chosen to encapsulate the past, present, and future work, projects, and businesses that Darlene Green has accomplished, initiated, influenced, and dedicated her life to.  Palingenesis means ‘rebirth’ or ‘renewal’.  Darlene’s intention and motivation behind all of her pursuits revolve around regenerative movements thus the ‘sustainability movement’ is where she has poured the majority of her energy into.

During what Darlene calls her ‘first chapter’ lifetime she worked at a job training agency and met one of her first mentors who gifted her with an ‘award’ that read:  The Hang In There Award ~ For Persistence and Perseverance In the Face of Ridiculous Odds”  At the time it was given her life path had indeed been a story of ‘hanging in there’ but in many ways it was a message for the future as well.

Living during a time of ‘Great Transition‘ always requires one to be steadfast and flexible at the same time.  One of Darlene’s favorite sayings is ‘Men Plan and God Laughs”…Her unbending intent to contribute towards the global regeneration that is happening has brought Darlene and the core of her family/tribe/team through the multitude of challenges that are common when breaking new ground – but it has been a solid sense of mirth and humor that has made the journey epically enjoyable.  Darlene always extends the invitation to those she encounters to ‘laugh our way to a new world’.

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Home at last…